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boitho.com-robot boitho.com's Web Crawler
The boitho.com-robot is a distributed crawler that downloads web pages to build the database used by boitho.com to search in.

How to avoid being indexed
If you do not wish to be crawled please inform our crawler by either:

Ad the user agent boitho.com-robot to your robots.txt according to the The Robots Exclusion Protocol

User-agent: boitho.com-robot
Disallow: /

Or use a META tag according to the Robots META tag specification



IP addresses

The boitho robot is currently using the IP addresses - and - for the crawling cluster used in production. IP addresses and is used for the testing and development server.

We did previous use addresses -


Contact us
If you cannot find the information about Boitho You need, wish to work for Boitho, or want to come with a general
comment to Boitho please mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Affiliate contact
All comments from our affiliates please send to this address

Pay Per Click contact
Questions from our customers and companies wanting to advertise with us, or general comments about Boitho´s
Pay Per Click centre please send to

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