Boitho discover (BETA)

Here you can brows most of the data Boitho have crawled. This is the raw crawler data, nothing has been done whit it. No spam or adult filtering, no ranking.

We uses a system based on packages with about 30 000 pages in each package, located on dedicated storage servers. First select server, then the package you wants to view.


Storage servers:

1: http://bbs-001.boitho.com/cgi-bin/discover/listLots.cgi
2: http://bbs-002.boitho.com/cgi-bin/discover/listLots.cgi
3: http://bbs-003.boitho.com/cgi-bin/discover/listLots.cgi
4: http://bbs-004.boitho.com/cgi-bin/discover/listLots.cgi
5: http://bbs-005.boitho.com/cgi-bin/discover/listLots.cgi
6: http://bbs-006.boitho.com/cgi-bin/discover/listLots.cgi
7: http://bbs-007.boitho.com/cgi-bin/discover/listLots.cgi

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